Press Release : A & R Law Group and Law Office of Christine A. Kingston to Become Surf City Lawyers

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Huntington Beach, California, December 29, 2017—Attorneys Anna Serrambana of A & R Law Group and Christine A. Kingston announced this week that the two law firms will be merging on January 3, 2018, resulting in Surf City Lawyers. Christine A. Kingston is currently a leading force in discharging student loans in consumer […]

Press Release : Student Loan Lawyer Wins One For Consumers

Press Release, Student Loans

California Attorney Christine A. Wilton won her first bankruptcy trial eliminating more than $50,000 in student loan debt for her clients. LAKEWOOD, CA (PRWEB) JUNE 30, 2012 California attorney Christine A. Wilton received a favorable ruling in Bankruptcy Court Tuesday June 26, 2012, discharging approximately $57,000 in student loan debt on behalf of her clients. […]

Student Loans and ITT Tech – Interview with Attorney Christine A. Kingston


Katherine: Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us as we file for bankruptcy with attorney Christine Kingston. She not only does bankruptcy, but she has mastered helping people get free from their student loans. Welcome back, Christine. Thank you so much for being here with us on This Needs to be Said. Christine: […]

Private Loans For Unaccredited School Not Student Debt in Bankruptcy

Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Student Loans & Bankruptcy

I was just talking with a friend of mine the other day, Damon Day; and he was mentioning that he is seeing more and more folks all across the country, who have attended these unaccredited schools and carrying an enormous amount of student debt.  I mentioned to him that I’ve already been in the bankruptcy […]

Expecting a baby? Did you add estate planning to your to-do list yet?

Estate Planning

As part of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s tax planning for his eventual sale of Facebook stock when it went public was to create a trust which passed some of his assets to his unborn children, thus saving him millions in gift tax. His wife was not even pregnant when Mr. Zuckerberg set up this key […]

In the past 24 hours…

Estate Planning

In the past 24 hours I have been told that a friend was diagnosed with cancer that requires at least 8 weeks of chemotherapy and that a client/friend has a heart problem requiring immediate medical attention. Some who believe that attorneys are only looking out for the almighty dollar may think that I immediately went […]

Is the entire mortgage due when an owner dies and the property is transferred to beneficiaries?

Estate Planning

Almost every mortgage contains a “due on sale” clause which provides that if the borrower transfers a piece of real property that is subject to a mortgage, the entire balance of the mortgage immediately becomes due. For example, if you sell your home, when the transaction closes, escrow will take the proceeds from the sale […]

“Lawsuit-Proof” Your Estate Plan

Estate Planning

Maybe you have created an estate plan to secure your assets from possible litigation once you pass away. But can you be certain that your estate won’t end up in court? Follow these six easy tips below to protect your estate from litigation and ensure your loved ones won’t wind up battling it out in […]

Medical recovery is severely limited by SB-833 effective January 1, 2017

Estate Planning

A very large concern for many people in California is the ability of Medi-Cal to lien and/or collect their assets. Currently, there are very complicated and expensive estate planning techniques that can prevent Medi-Cal from recovering estate assets. However, with California’s recent passage of SB-833, Medi-Cal’s ability to pursue the estate of a deceased Medi-Cal recipient in order to […]

National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Estate Planning

This week is National Estate Planning Awareness Week (October 15 – October 19, 2012). According to the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils (NAEPC), estate planning is one of the most overlooked areas of personal financial management. It is estimated that over 120 million Americans do not have up-to-date estate plans to protect themselves […]